Palletways at Vinitaly: Eight years in the spotlight
Palletways Vinitaly

Palletways at Vinitaly: Eight years in the spotlight


The Network from Calderara di Reno gets ready for the EXPO

Palletways doubles at Vinitaly 2015. The largest pallettised freight network will be, for the eighth consecutive year, at the most important international wine exhibition, which will be hosted in Verona from March 22 to 25. Palletways will set up an exhibition area, painted in the corporate colors, green and blue, which will be twice as large compared to the one of the past year, and bounded by pallet “walls”. The appointment is at booth G3 Pavilion F, where visitors will be able to meet representatives from the European Network.

“Wine, and oil, are the most important segments in terms of volumes for Palletways: wine alone is worth about 30% of our business,”

states Roberto Rossi, president of Palletways Italy and France and advisor for Palletways Europe GmbH. It is no coincidence that many manufacturers have chosen the operator from Calderara di Reno (BO) as a reference partner and decide each year to renew the collaboration: it is precisely in the service of wine and oil transportation on pallets, in fact, that Palletways differentiates itself from the competitors.

“These products are a bit special and with many features in common, when it comes to shipping”,

Rossi continues. Generally they are transported in glass bottles of similar capacity and require the utmost care, especially in the phases of loading and unloading, to ensure the integrity of the containers. They both have a high weight/volume ratio and often share similar destinations, like restaurants, wineries or small gastronomic shops; oil and wine packagings must often be removed from the pallet and delivered individually, to meet the supply needs of customers.
For products destined instead to the Mass Retail Channel, the characteristics of the service are different and require the standardization of shipments. Palletways is able to guarantee an excellent service whereas almost one third of the volume of the Network, about half a million pallets a year, is destined to Mass Retail Channel. “In terms of flexibility, the system used by Palletways is unbeatable”, says Albino Quaglia, Managing Director at Palletways: “the system is suitable for customers who need to transport large volumes to multiple destinations, but also for those who have to make small shipments to a unique destination, as for many small wineries and oil producers”.

This year Vinitaly is scheduled a few weeks before the start of EXPO Milano 2015. “For the Network this is a great opportunity to grow, that we intend to exploit through specific investments”, says Rossi: “We have enhanced the Milan Hub in Siziano (PV) and the structures of neighboring dealers, increased the vehicle fleet, planned the timings of collection and delivery of goods in view of an expected increase in volumes linked to the event”. Expo 2015 offers the ideal setting to make new alliances and open trade channels so far unexplored. For a network that spans 14 European countries – Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Spain, for a total of over 400 Depots – this event represents a unique opportunity to better express its international vocation. “At Vinitaly we will have a taste of what the Universal Exhibition will be. We are ready to pick every opportunity – says Rossi – keeping in mind the call to sustainability, which is implicit in the theme of the event, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, and focus of Palletways’ activities”.

Since 2014 the company has been active in protecting the environment, through the participation, together with Treedom, in a project of corporate social responsibility aimed at promoting the protection of lands that are rich in natural resources, such as the provinces of Catania and Syracuse. From the “green” perspective, the company led by Roberto Rossi is engaged in the management of Epal (a system for recycling pallets, with the aim of reducing their loss), in the use of vehicles of new generation to reduce air pollution, and in a careful management of exchanges, in order to optimize the mileage and contain costs and consumptions.

“See you at Vinitaly – concluded Rossi – For us it has become a must. We are happy to meet again hundreds of wine and oil producers, to consolidate the special relationship that has been binding us to this market for years.”